checklist update

I have updated the required document checklist with the past 6 months of activity.

Documents remaining before I start the apostille process:

  1. Grandparent’s Birth Certificate’s – Sent applications to NYC
  2. My Marriage Certificate – Sent application to Jacksonville
  3. Son’s Birth Certificate – Not yet Born

I also have to decide to include or to omit Divorce documentation. I have several other documents also to collect for the application such as, never denounce Italy documents, etc.

Another big issue is changing any drastic spelling errors on the various documents. I will be calling the consulate soon as I hear it is over a 20 month backlog in booking the application interview.



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update – long time waiting – michele paradiso death cert

I received my great grandfathers death certificate today. This, along with other documents,  confirmed his parent’s names and his birth date. It also has a SSN listed, but not sure if that is correct. The document did however include the date of death as Jan 3rd, 1952, which is not what I had recorded. I also received my Father’s Birth certificate from NYC. Cost a lot, but did not take long to receive. Both documents were ordered with letters of exemplification for the upcoming apostille application.

The following pages have been updated with this information:

Document Check List
Discrepancy List
Action Items

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past weeks update

Not a lot of progress the past couple of weeks. Still waiting on the marriage certificate of Michele and Grace before moving forward. I did however order my father’s birth certificate and received confirmation on my grandparents marriage date.

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jure sanguis update

Update from today, since a lot has happedend in 24 hours.

  1. Received official doucments from Italy for Michele Paradiso. They are the same documents as I received in the email.
  2. Sent application for Michele Paradiso’s death certificate from NY. Searched from 1949 – 1955.
  3. Will be sending a second application for my grandparent’s marriage record today. Using a broader search.
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jure sanguinis update

Recently happenings:

  1. Received letter of no records found for grandparents marriage license. I accidentally had the wrong year, so will be re-submitting the paper work… and waiting another 10 weeks.
  2. Send letter to St. Finbar’s Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn, New York for any documentation found on my great grandparents.
  3. Received an email from Anagrafe office of San Giorgio La Molara, Italy. They are sending certified documents related to Michele Paradiso. Should be here in a month or so.
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situazione di famiglia – varrecchia

Here is the ‘Family Situation’ document for the Varrecchia family from Cervinara, Italy in 1957. The situazione di famiglia is a document that records basic family stats and is kept at the commune’s record office. This is an actual document from Italy (given to me by my grandfather) and gives a snapshot of my great grandfathers family including; mother, father, and siblings.

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birth certificate – giovanni varrecchia

Here is the birth certificate (actual, from Italy) of my great grandfather, Giovanni Varrecchia (Me>Mother>Grandfather>Great Grandfather). My mother’s maiden name has been changed several times throughout history.

This is the first post exploring my maternal ancestry. This document was given to me from my grandfather, Donald. My maternal ancestry is well documented, but finding the documentation will take some time.

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